Surviving COVID-19: what you need to know


Ethiopian & Eritrean Toronto Health Community

We are a community based not-for-profit focused on bridging the gap of mental health education, support and resources to the Ethiopian and Eritrean community in Toronto.

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The opportunity to take time to think about how you feel, especially as black men, we don’t do, was eye opening and helped me realize that I was neglecting things I didn’t know even existed.



The biggest takeaway from that workshop was that it has taught me to be more conscious and mindful with myself.


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    Conversations on complex topics

Beite-Seb ArtHealth Injera produce

Beite-Seb Food Support *NEW

We are delivering a box full of fresh fruits and vegetables to households significantly impacted by COVID-19 on a weekly basis until June 30, 2020. 

Surviving COVID *NEW

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our weekly videos on topics you’ve requested help with. Topics to date include: Diet and Nutrition, Addiction and Harm Reduction, Movement and Exercise, with more to come.

Mahabre *NEW

It’s a family thing! Join us for Mahabre, a family style check-in and conversation as we share the best and the difficulty of what is happening in our world. Click here to RSVP to the next one.

Kitchen Table Talks

Our signature workshop series, each workshop is custom designed from an arts-based approach in a way that engages and speaks to our youth.

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    Because we are all in this together.

Mental illness affects the entire family which is why in order to create real change, we need to engage the community, at all ages.

We believe by sharing stories, having intergenerational conversations informed by medical experts (Habesha of course), we can achieve our vision of transforming our community’s response to mental health from fear and distancing to compassion and support.

Donate today and make a difference in the lives of people in our community challenged by their mental health.

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Your support ensures that our programming remains open and accessible.

Donations are an investment in culturally specific programming made by Habesha people for Habesha people.

By supporting us, you are contributing to the personal and emotional development of our participants by arming them with knowledge and tools to face complex challenges.

  • Share Your Story

    Tezeta, meaning nostaglia, is a series of personal stories of Ethiopian and Eritrean youth discussing the role Mental Health has had in their lives. Their cultural understandings and misunderstandings and their current journey to mental wellness.

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